Where Has The Sparrow Bird Gone?

Since time immemorial sparrows have been one of the friendliest and social birds man has ever known. In the past they were welcomed and provided a

Sparrow Birds  Feeding

Credit: natureforever.org

special place in every home and their chirps were like music to the ears. Today thanks to rapid urbanization, deforestation, extensive use of pesticides and technological advancements in mobile communication we hardly get to see them anymore.

The Bitter Truth

These popular birds are now struggling for survival and existence. Our thirst for modernization has made them lose their homes and natural habitat. They desperately look for food and places to breed. Unfortunately, they have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. The sparrow population is declining and before we know it they will soon become history for our children!

Save The Sparrow Before It Dies!

Yes! We still can save the sparrow before it’s too late! The sparrow needs our help and support. It requires food and shelter. For centuries it has been our constant social companion hopping around our home. We can make a difference and save the sparrow from complete extinction. All you have to do is take a small step! Not only will you be able to save the sparrow but you can also bring in immense joy to your daily life with this kind deed.

How Can You Help?

We are providing free sparrow feeders where the bird can get food. These
 00170043feeders have been specially designed for the sparrow bird species and are available with us. They can be placed anywhere and can be maintained without hassles. All you have to do is collect yours and begin the kind act of helping these adorable birds to live!

Gift The Sparrow Life With Your Love & Care

Saving a sparrow is just a phone call away. Contact us today at +91-33-40000708 and collect your free sparrow feeder now. Place it in your home and watch these birds survive and chirp with joy at your care. Last but not least please do not make the sparrow a species of the past- it deserves to live for our children to see!

7 thoughts on “Home

    1. wpsamp Post author

      Hi Arup,

      Please come to our office anytime between 9.30am to 6.00pm we will give you the sparrow feeder

  1. debarati chakraborty

    Hi, i need a sparrow feeder. let me know the address from where I can collect the feeder bottle. also let me know the food that they eat.


    1. wpsamp Post author

      Hi Debarati,

      Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in sparrow feeders.

      Please visit our office to collect your feeder for free. Parekh House 161 Lenin Sarani, Kolkata 700013 is where our office is situated.

      Millets, broken wheat, broken rice and small insects are the food sparrows eat. Also we need to keep water beside their food.

  2. Mr. Nitin Suresh Sakat

    Hi, i need a sparrow feeder. let me know the address from where I can collect the feeder bottle. also let me know the food that they eat. i am staying in Mumbai

    1. wpsamp Post author


      We distribute the sparrow feeders free from our office which is in Kolkata. If you are interested please drop in our office.


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